Your 80/20 Diet Meal Plan Guide For Easy Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, dieting can often feel like it’s synonymous with giving up your favorite foods. Maybe you’ve got to skip that spaghetti because carbs are off limits, or the chocolate cake is a definite no-no because it packs way too much sugar. Ugh.

Good news: The 80/20 diet is the exception to everything you thought you knew about losing weight. On this diet, nothing is off limits. Yes, it’s totally possible to still lose weight while chowing down on some of your favorite foods. This woman actually combined the 80/20 rule with HIIT workouts to lose 120 pounds in two years.

So…what do you actually eat on an 80/20 diet? Lucky for you, Women’s Health editors and registered dietitian and author of Fill Your Plate Lose the Weight Sarah Mirkin have designed this 80/20 meal plan with a week’s worth of recipes and everything you need to know about the 80/20 diet in an easy-to-follow along PDF. (It’s free for Women’s Health+ members!)

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The Eat What You Love PDF breaks down how the diet works, your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals for every day of the week, and the best tips to master mindful eating.

80 20 meal plan

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How does the diet work exactly?

Basically, you’ll eat whole, nutritious healthy foods 80 percent of the time, meaning you can feel free to indulge (hello, ice cream!) during the remaining 20 percent. There are a few things you should keep in mind to be successful though, like being aware of portion sizes, loading up on protein, and mixing things up to get a variety of nutrients into your diet.

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Why You’ll Love The 80/20 Diet

Not only will you see results, but you’ll enjoy the journey too because this diet isn’t about deprivation. You’ll eat what you love while developing a new approach to eating that’s actually sustainable even once you’ve stopped dieting.

Nothing is off limits.

Seriously, you can still have all of your favorite foods on this plan. Instead of restricting, you’ll learn how to practice moderation so that you aren’t overdoing it on calories in a way that puts you further away from your weight loss or fitness goals.

    You’ll learn to be a mindful eater.

    If you’re used to grubbing until you literally can’t anymore, then you’ll like the mindful eating tips included in this guide. You’ll learn how to pay attention to your hunger and satiety cues, so that you’re able to have more fun with your eating without obsessing over how much you just consumed.

    Your week-long menu isn’t boring.

    The recipes in this guide are super tasty—no sad salads here. Instead, you’ll find recipes for delicious dishes like pesto chicken bake and spaghetti squash bolognese.

    That’s just a taste of what you’ll find in this guide. If you’re ready to dive into the 80/20 diet, you can access our PDF here— an exclusive perk for our Women’s Health+ members only.

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