Yoga tips: 3 powerful meditation techniques to speed up your Covid recovery | Health

Recovering from Covid-19 can be an arduous journey for many as health complications like fatigue, breathlessness, exhaustion, headaches, anxiety, loss of appetite continue to bog down people long after the infection subsides. No wonder many health experts recommend Yoga and meditation as adjunct therapies to patients for regaining stamina and speeding up the recovery process.

Yoga and meditation promise immense physical and mental health benefits as the asanas and techniques help reduce anxiety, pain and depression, enhance mood and decrease stress.

Meditation helps in release of negative emotions, gain a new perspective in a stressful situation and increase patience and tolerance. Meditation may also prove to be beneficial in a medical condition that could be worsened by stress. It also aids in relieving tension headaches, heart problems, sleep problems, depression and anxiety.

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“In yoga, there are many meditation techniques that can be performed at any time of the day, at any location and in any circumstance. These techniques offer its practitioners healing powers through the power of positive vibrations. Thousands of practitioners all over the world are already using some of these techniques of meditation to heal and get better from Covid,” says renowned Yoga guru Himalayan Siddha Grand Master Akshar.

Grand Master Akshar
Grand Master Akshar

Here are some meditation techniques suggested by the Yoga expert that people can practice for quick recovery from Covid-19.

1. Aarambh Dhyan

Aarambh Dhyan is to achieve growth and progress in your life and never experience weakness. Not only does it help one remain optimistic but it also brings perfection into everything that you do. This is a very simple meditation technique that builds our positive auto response system, boosting confidence and self-esteem.

How to do the meditation

* Sit in a comfortable seated position

* Gently close your eyes

* Keep your spine erect

* Imagine and visualize two holes- one black and one white in front of you.

* The Black Hole is a powerful force of suction which only takes from you, and the white hole radiates strong, and dynamic positive energies.

* Exhale and release emotions such as pain, doubt, guilt, shame, trauma, anger, sorrow, envy, negativity into the black hole that you have visualized

* There is a pause between both the inhalation and the exhalation. This pause is a very important part of the process

* Pause whenever you exhale and visualize that you have emptied all this destructive emotions or thoughts into the black hole.

* Inhale and draw energy from the white hole. This energy will consist of opulence, strength, transformation that contributes to your growth.

* In conclusion, at the end of the meditation practice imagine that these two holes are gradually merging into the universe

2. Mantra Dhyan (Prayerful Meditation)

There are many benefits to Mantra meditation. Practising the Tryambakam mantra helps to instil a sense of calmness, and slowly builds within the practitioner a greater sense of gratitude. Meditating on mantras makes you more positive, and optimistic.

How to do the meditation

* Sit in a comfortable pose either sitting, standing or even lying down

* Join your palms in front of your chest to form Pranam Mudra or place them on your knees with palms open to the sky

* Straighten your back and close your eyes

* Frame and repeat positive affirmations or mantras aloud or silently

3. Super Power Meditation

To practice this, sit down on a peak of the mountain in any comfortable meditative pose that gives you the shape of a pyramid.

How to do the meditation

* The intention is to sit make the shape of a triangle on top of a mountain.

* Sitting like this, start to visualize a reverse triangular shield in your chest and then meditate.

* During this meditation process, as you inhale, imagine that this shield allows you to receive all the positive energies of the world into you. And, with each exhale imagine releasing unwanted toxins, miseries, and negativity from within you.

* These meditation techniques are highly recommended in your regular practice as this influences the rate at which your body can heal itself. Meditation techniques are an effective way to improve your mood, to bring calmness and help relax you.