What is the Mediterranean diet? Best diet of 2023 explained

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Looking to make dietary changes in 2023? There are plenty of options if you’re on the hunt for a new meal plan or hoping to make some lifestyle changes when it comes to food.

One way of eating continues to top the list for experts.

The Mediterranean diet ranked No. 1 on U.S. News & World Report’s list of Best Diets for 2023, which was released Tuesday. The list includes 24 diets that were examined by a panel of health experts. This is the sixth consecutive year that the Mediterranean Diet has been ranked at the top.

Along with snagging the best overall category, the Mediterranean diet ranked first for Best Plant-Based Diets, Best Diets for Bone and Joint Health, Best Family Friendly Diets and Best Diets for Healthy Eating.

So, what makes this diet so special?

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