The best self-help books for self-improvement and development

Self-improvement is a trend that’s here to stay—so reading the best self-help books has never been more important. With all the unexpected twists and turns that life can bring, taking care of ourselves is more vital than ever. There’s never been a better time to dive into non-fiction that helps you feel grounded and supported. 

Whether it’s exploring meditation, building self-compassion, or understanding your personal style of attachment, the best self-help books—which are quickly becoming some of the best books 2021—will help put you on the path of self-discovery and lead you into a brighter, more self-aware year ahead. Getting into self-help books can feel like a switch of gear for readers more attuned to fiction. You may generally prefer to lose yourself in one of the best thrillers, a brilliant romance book, or one of the best historical fiction books. But taking the time to read something that can really benefit your mental health is a self-care act your future self will thank you for.