The Beauty Products Makeup Artist Grace Pae Swears By

Welcome to I Swear By This, an interview series where we chat with our favorite fashion and beauty insiders about the beauty products they use down to the last drop. This week, we asked celebrity makeup artist Grace Pae to share all of her current beauty must-haves.

Lash Enhancing Serum

Lash Enhancing Serum

“I’ve tried so many lash enhancing serums throughout the years and they’ve always made my eyes itchy or uncomfortable, but with this one, I’ve had no side effects. I’ve used it for years and now everyone always asks me, ‘Are those your real lashes?’ I recommend this to everyone—I literally can’t live without it.”


Half Step Flash Facial

Half Step Flash Facial

“Susan Yara—she used to be an editor at NewBeauty—started this skin-care line and the products work so well. My favorite is the Half Step Flash Facial. It’s basically a very gentle exfoliator that’s super easy to use. First, you remove your makeup before applying the exfoliator. Leave it on for about five minutes then wash it off with your cleanser. Immediately after using it, my skin feels super-soft. And by the time I wake up the next day, it’s literally glowing.”


The Cream

The Cream

“I felt like this product came out of nowhere; like one day, it popped up and everyone was recommending it. I have really sensitive skin, so I’m typically hesitant to try new products, but I gave this a go. When I woke up the next day, I was a believer. Everything that everyone says about this cream is true. The price point is definitely on the higher-end, but it’s so worth it.”

Augustinus Bader

Colorfix Eye, Cheek & Lip Cream Pigment

Colorfix 24-Hour Cream Color Nudes

“Honestly, I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve tried from this brand and I’ve always been a huge fan of the Colorfix Cream. There’s a group of nude shades that you can use anywhere on the face. The pigment is incredible—it doesn’t budge—and it also blends super easily into the skin. If you want that ‘no-makeup makeup’ look, these are a must-buy.”

Danessa Myricks Beauty

Hollywood Flawless Filter

Hollywood Flawless Filter

“I actually love to use this as a highlighter because it doesn’t give off any over-the-top shimmer. It just brings out your skin’s natural glow. After I do my skin prep, I apply the product to the high points of the face before adding a foundation on top.”

Charlotte Tilbury

Brow Flick

Brow Flick Pen

“Some brow pens have such intense pigments that you have to be so careful while using them or else you’ll end up looking like you have Sharpie lines on your eyebrow. The Glossier pen is the perfect in between—it still shows up on the skin, but it’s not too intense, so you don’t have to be super precious during the application process. Just make sure your brows are completely clean before you apply; if there are any oils or lingering skin-care products on your brows, the pigment won’t stick to your skin as well.”


Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel, 3-Pack

Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel

“I learned this trick from another artist, Ariel Tejada. My brow hairs are super-straight and when I use a brow product, my brows will usually look full for a couple of hours, but by the middle of the day, the hairs go limp and fall back down. So I saw Ariel use this and I tried it out myself. I can confirm that your brows will not budge until you wash them off at the end of the day. You only have to apply the smallest amount of gel on the brow before using a clean spoolie to spread out the product evenly. It’s such a smart trick; a lot of people use this product for their baby hairs, so it makes sense that it would work on your brows.”