Sunshine Coast yoga teacher Lauren Verona dies due to ‘complications after giving birth’

A beloved member of the Sunshine Coast’s yoga community has died after experiencing complications during childbirth.

Lauren Verona, the founder of Zenko Yoga, died after giving birth to a baby girl, a statement posted to her Facebook page said.

Her baby Lucinda was born healthy and “thriving”, Lauren’s yoga team confirmed.

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The 42-year-old yoga practitioner had chronicled some of the complications she had experienced during her pregnancy on her Facebook page before her shock death.

She wrote about doctors “clearing” her of a low-lying placenta and an “indescribable” pelvic girdle pain that left her couch-bound at 35 weeks.

Lauren Verona has died after complications during childbirth. Credit: Facebook/Lauren Verona

“Pelvic instability, anaemia and gestational diabetes keeping me couch bound but otherwise awesome and looking forward to birthing this angel as soon as viably possible,” she wrote on Facebook at 30 weeks’ pregnant.

“Remarkably on my 36 week scan my cervix is now clear of what was a low-lying placenta,” she had written on May 6.

“5cm away. Even the sonographer seemed shocked and called her senior in to confirm.

“The obstetrician who was about to convince me of a C section told me I was free to go home and birth naturally.”

Lauren was 41 weeks pregnant when she went into labour.

Lauren Verona at 32 weeks pregnant. Credit: Facebook/Lauren Verona
Lauren Verona, the founder of Zenko Yoga, died after giving birth to a baby girl. Credit: Facebook

As recently as five days earlier, the much-loved yoga teacher had written about her “challenging” pregnancy.

“These last few weeks and months if I’m to be honest have been very challenging with the countless pregnancy complications I’ve had,” she wrote.

“But I hear my own children say ‘divine timing’ when anyone asks when the baby is coming out. I love that they get it.

“So here we are 41 weeks pregnant trusting the higher plan.”

Yoga teacher Lauren Verona whilst pregnant. Credit: Facebook/Lauren Verona

Lauren also revealed that her best friend Kim had only recently died of cancer and she said she was feeling sad that they would never be able to meet her baby.

“I’ve had a few days grieving the loss of my best friend and again, wondering why this week, why now, why couldn’t she hold out to meet my baby,” she wrote.

“But again, I’m trusting of the divine timing and trusting that Kim and my babe are perhaps spending some quality time together.

“Grieving the greatest loss of my life at 40 weeks pregnant has been an experience I never imagined.

“I’m truly lost for words and unable to fathom that she is no longer in this physical world.”

Lauren had only married her partner, Ryan, in February and said in a post that she was “so grateful” to be carrying his baby.

The couple were also raising two young daughters.

Lauren’s Zenko Yoga team posted a long and emotional tribute to the yoga teacher to her Facebook page on Friday morning, describing her as a “beloved, inspiring, shining light” and calling her death “an unfathomable loss.”

“All who went to her workshops, watched her videos, shared space with her on retreats, trained with her, practised with her or simply met her once know how powerful her presence was, how her energy radiated with light and wisdom towards everyone and everything touched,” the team wrote.

“Lauren has touched and CHANGED more lives than anyone can comprehend and it is our greatest loss to not get to continue to share her joy, her spirit and her wisdom with this world.

“In this time of darkness, we still have a shining light, not only in Lucinda, but also those who she leaves behind, especially Ryan and her daughters.

“May they and we all continue to share her light, her wisdom, her laughter, her tears for lifetimes to come.”

Friends and students flocked to the comments section to pour out their condolences.

“My heart is aching,” one person wrote.

“Lauren had been a bright light and a friend and confidant in my life for so long.

“Lauren touched and changed so many and we are going to miss her so much.”

Yoga teacher Lauren Verona. Credit: Lauren Verona/Facebook

“Such a tragedy for her family,” another wrote.

“My heart goes out to them all, most especially Lucinda who never got to know her mother.

“May they find a way to get through this moment in their story, and surviving stronger and with more love than they ever knew possible.”

Poignantly, in April, Lauren had written about the excitement of feeling the “kicks and somersaults of a little brother or sister”.

“33 weeks pregnant and can only imagine what they must look like and what traits they will bring to the world,” she wrote.

“Will they look like Mummy or Daddy and what energy will they have to compliment the 4 of us.

“Oh the wonder if it all… new life.”

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