Sonnalli Seygall shares favourite face yoga poses on International Self-Care Day; check it out

Sonnalli Seygall is a fitness enthusiast whose Instagram feed is peppered with posts about core workouts, yoga, and the like.

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Proving her love for fitness, the actor took to Instagram to wish everyone, “Happy International Day of Self Care” and shared some of her favourite yoga asanas.

“We often neglect our faces when it comes to workout. I came across #FaceYoga during the lockdown and became a huge fan,” she captioned the post. Stating its benefits she added, “It tones and sculpts your face and releases tension from all those tiny, overworked muscles on our faces. Do it regularly for a month at least to see the visible change.”

In the video, the actor suggested and even demonstrated a few face yoga asanas. In the first one, she moved her face up and down, stating that it can help reduce double chin and one can repeat it as many times as they want. In the next asana, she tilted and stretched her neck sideways, saying that it “reduces necklines and firms those sides of the face”.

The actor then tried another pose wherein she held air in her mouth for three seconds, on each side alternately. She suggested that the pose can be repeated at least four to five times. “It is great for slimming your face and cheeks,” she said.

Calling the next pose, ‘funny’ she stretched her lips and rolled her tongue side to side and then up and down, slowly. This pose is great to lift cheeks and reduce jowls, she said in the video. She then opened her mouth wide while stretching her neck upwards and then bringing it back. “This pose tones your full face and neck,” she said. Then, she made a pout while squinting. She added that the pose removes all facial tension and keeps a person young.

“Always end your face yoga with firm massage and use knuckles to put pressure on lymphatic points and sculpt your face.”

Agreeing with the aforementioned asanas, Dr Prashant Mistry, physiotherapist and nutritionist, listed the benefits of face yoga. “Face yoga is a developing style that claims to supply skin-lifting result, releases tension, which can minimise the appearance of stress lines, strengthen and tone facial muscles to ultimately widen eyes, raise cheeks, and firm up the jawline,” he said.

He added that it can increase blood flow to the skin which can make it glow. It may also help in smoothing and lighting wrinkles and scars.

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