Quick yoga stretches to do in the office or at home

The body is meant to move and works best when it’s active. We have more than 600 muscles in the human body and 206 bones! So here are a few ideas to keep all our muscles and bones agile, lubricated, flexible, and strong. These movements can be done whether you are working from home or in the office.

Vive Yoga joined us on the show for a fun yoga routine. Vive Yoga Studio is a multi-ethnic community that has found home in the energetic parallels of bodywork, breathwork, intentional silence, observation, reflection, and tapping into wisdom which is reflected in personal reinvention.

Alejandra Amegin owner of Vive Yoga says “Our Studio is a modern day house inspired by the spiritual teachings around the world by virtue of the cultures represented within the community. Our offerings include breath work, asana, meditations, and self-inquiry, honoring the traditions and roots of yoga globally.Vive Yoga was born out of the desire to see an increase in BIPOC communities stepping into discovering the healing benefits of Yoga. At Vive Yoga we provide a safe space to bond, vent and heal — a very different vibe from predominantly white, able- bodied, yoga spaces where many people of color feel, once again, out of place or unwelcome.”

They are located inside of Jax Natural Healing at 1550 Hendricks Ave in San Marco.

Follow them on instagram or Fb @Vive.yogastudio

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