Nine Perfect Strangers’ Regina Hall Shares Her Favorite Beauty and Home Products

whats your fancy regina hall

In our new series, “What’s Your Fancy?,” we ask expert tastemakers to share the little luxuries essential to their day-to-day lives.

Regina Hall knows a fair amount about “wellness.” She is currently starring in Nine Perfect Strangers, the Hulu adaptation of the bestselling Liane Moriarty thriller. The show follows nine guests at a mysterious luxury wellness retreat called Tranquillum House; however, the guests soon begin to realize that something darker lurks beneath the resort’s sunny exterior and beautiful locale. Hall plays Carmel, a single mother who begins to unravel as her journey for so-called self-improvement progresses. For Hall, herself, though, her main form of self-care lately has involved immunity supplements.

“All I’ve been doing is taking immune stuff, [when] you ask [about self-care now], I’m gonna be like zinc, vitamin C; I suck on a little bit of vitamin D drops in the morning,” Hall told T&C. That is the truth, but I will say the last year has been more about taking oregano oil—honestly the strangest things—to keep self care up, in terms of keeping my health up.”

Aside from the zinc, though, Hall has curated a cozy collection of items that she deems essential. She brought a few of her favorites with her while filming Nine Perfect Strangers in Byron Bay, Australia, and even happened to pick up a recommendation or two from costar Nicole Kidman. Below, Hall shares her most beloved beauty and home must-haves.

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Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb

“Baths are my favorite thing. I love a bath at the end of the night; I love great bath bombs; I love bubble baths; I love fragrant smell-goods. I love at night to take a nice bath and feel really fresh when I get into the [bed].” Hall’s favorite bath product? Lush’s bath bombs in a “lemon scent.” “I love citrus smells,” she noted. 

Bamboo Sheet Set

“Someone introduced me to a bamboo sheet, and it’s so good and soft, especially in the summertime, when you have a nice, crisp sheet.”

Pictured here is one of T&C‘s picks. 

Santal/Sandalwood candle

Hall noted that she brought candles with her for filming in Australia, “and then I got candles when I was there too; I can’t lie. But, you can’t have enough candles.” Her recommendation? “Diptyque—that’s when you know someone loves you. When somebody sends a Diptyque, that means you’re special.” 

The Original Kessa Hammam Scrubbing Glove

Hall said she always travels with an exfoliating mitt from Amazon. “It’s really good because it’s tough,” she noted. She also shared that she loves body brushes, as well, but doesn’t travel with them. 

“I don’t do the brush every day,” she said. “In my normal life [not traveling], it would have been once a week. But, the mitt I use every day. I have several mitts.” 

Rosebud Perfume Company Mocha Rose Lip Balm Tube

“I always love a good lip balm in the summertime,” Hall said recommending one from Smith’s that tastes like chocolate. “It’s not good because it’s going to make you want chocolate, to be honest, but then, that’s kind of what makes it good.”

Seratopical Super Booster Serum with CBD

“Nicole [Kidman]’s got a good new face serum. I’m excited to try that. It’s age defying serum. If you tell me anything’s ‘age defying anything,’ I’ll buy it.” 

Argan Oil

“Argan oil just feels good on your skin. I don’t know why. I read about it; I tried it, and ever since I started using it, I feel like it keeps your skin really supple and moisturized.” 

Egyptian Musk Shea Butter Lotion

“Sabine Jean body butter is so good. It’s rich, but it’s light. So, it goes into the skin; it’s not oily. It’s all about keeping that skin soft and supple. And it’s good because it’s rich enough for the winter, but it’s light enough for the summer.”

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