Michelle Madrigal needs your votes to power through ‘Miss Health & Fitness’ competition

Actress and fitness coach Michelle Madrigal is feeling very grateful for making it through so far in a health and fitness competition, sharing the good news to supporters yesterday in her Instagram account, July 10.

“I just wanna say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. We made it to TOP 5 fam!!!! Currently 3rd on the @mshealthandfitness competition. I am so excited for this opportunity,” she said.

She is encouraging her fans and followers to “keep voting for this mama.”

“If you could find it in your heart to donate to our wounded warriors that would be amazing. All warrior votes are 2 for 1 for the next 9+ hours,” she said. “Again, thank you for all your support! Let’s make it back to TOP 1 before the next cut off.”

Madrigal joined the global fitness competition, Ms. Health & Fitness, last month. Last Friday, July 9, Madrigal shared about why she started her fitness journey.

“All I wanted was to feel good from the inside out. It became my therapy,” she said in her post, noting that in 2018, she spoke about her postpartum journey.

“With that, came a full force of women wanting and needing help with their journey. I took my certifications because I knew deep down, I wanted to help and serve others,” she explained.

Madrigal announced as well that she has revamped her fitness app.

“Current subscribers will still have access to the app but be ready for some upgrades,” she advised. She has also aligned with a brand to be able to easily give live online classes, which her clients will have easy access to.

Madrigal also recently participated the physical fitness tournament of Hyrox America, in Austin, Texas where she placed fifth in her age group. JB


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