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Shoulder pain can be very difficult to manage at times. Especially with the work from home culture making its way in our life and lifestyle, a huge change has been initiated in the way we move, work and exercise. Since coronavirus trapped the world a few years back, we have been forced to move into another lifestyle, which is way different from the one we lived in the pre-covid era. People made offices in their own homes. This restricted our movement, cutting down transportation. Hence, we are stuck with our laptops on a single chair or a couch, for the most part of the day, this leads to muscle stiffness and joint pain.

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While on our way in the car or working on our laptops, or even while working out in the gym, we can experience shoulder pain, while most of the times, it is not serious, it can still cause difficulty in movement. Addressing this, Malaika Arora’s yoga trainer Sarvesh Shashi wrote, “Shoulder pain can be scoffed off as a normal phenomenon. But it can be extremely painful and occur at times when you won’t expect it. It is essential to take precautions and relieve them immediately. Practice these 3 asanas regularly.” Sarvesh further listed down three yoga asanas that can help in getting quick relief from shoulder pain:

Eagle Arms

Cat Cow Pose

Thread The Needle Pose

The yoga asanas listed by Sarvesh comes with multiple health benefits. Eagle Arms help in stretching the hips and opening up the shoulders. It also helps in promoting deep breathing and improving the focus and the balance of the body. Cat Cow Pose, on the other hand, helps in stretching the hips, spine, abdomen and the back, it also helps in massaging and stimulating the kidneys and the adrenal glands. Increasing coordination of the body and improving emotional balance are also some of the benefits of performing Cat Cow Pose. Thread The Needle Pose helps in increasing spinal mobility and relaxing the body. It also helps in alleviating neck and upper back pain.