Local pharmacies dealing with drug shortages

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – For the last couple of weeks there has been no shortage in the spreading of colds, the flu and RSV in children. But, there is a shortage in the medications that can help little ones feel better.

Empty shelves in pharmacies have become a frequent and unwanted sight for parents and caretakers with sick children. At Kohll’s Pharmacy in Lincoln, staff is feeling the pain of the nationwide backorders as well as not being able to place an order with their wholesaler for children’s Tylenol.

“We’re dealing with it the best we can,” Bryce Walker, a pharmacist at Kohll’s said.

They’re trying to ration liquid formulas for those who need it most.

To curb that ongoing problem, compounding pharmacies like Pharmacy Solutions is quite literally mixing things up. They take drugs in pill form, break them down and create a liquid medication -something that’s crucial for many children who are not old enough to take pills.

“We help customers that are little babies all the way up to 100 years old, so we can help with drug shortages,” Jennifer Rickner, a pharmacist with Pharmacy Solutions said.

For them, it’s special to be able to lend a hand during this time.

“It hits pretty close to home for all of us; we all have kiddos so its a stressful time for any parent that’s why we want to step in,” Rickner said.

They’re working to reduce the stress parents may be feeling and provide an accessible option for those in need.

“We don’t want parents to be stressed out,” Rickner said. “We want to help them get the medicine they need for their kids.”