Lincoln health care facility only one in Nebraska using new surgical imaging technology | Health and Fitness

3D medical imaging

Drs. R. Michael Norris (left) and Rachel Jendro talk about the MOZART 3-D imaging device on Monday at Lincoln Surgical Hospital. 

MOZART® System with TomoSpec® Technology.

3D tomosynthesis for breast specimen imaging. Only from Kubtec®.

When cancer surgeons are working to remove a tumor, one of their main goals is to make sure they remove all the cancerous tissue while minimizing the overall amount of tissue they have to take out.

A new technology being used at a Lincoln medical center is helping to improve that process.

3D medical imaging

The MOZART 3-D imaging device at Lincoln Surgical Hospital.

Lincoln Surgical Hospital has been using the Mozart 3D device from Kubtec Medical Imaging for the past month or so, the only hospital in the state to do so.

The imaging machine provides surgeons three-dimensional images of tissue samples in real time during surgery, which helps better guide them during cancer surgeries.

Doctors at Lincoln Surgical Hospital have been using the device in breast cancer tumor removal surgeries, called partial mastectomies or lumpectomies, over the past few weeks, and they like the results.

The Mozart 3D device “just kind of gives you an idea of how close you are,” to getting all of a tumor, said Dr. Rachel Jendro, a cancer surgeon with General Surgery Associates.

Jendro said the device helps to reduce the risk that a patient might need a second surgery to remove cancer cells missed the first time.

Dr. R. Michael Norris, a surgeon with Surgical Associates P.C., said most imaging machines only give a two-dimensional view of a specimen, which provides only one view and makes it much harder to distinguish the margins of a tumor.