Lenovo Yoga Paper E Ink tablet now on pre-order

The Lenovo Yoga Paper E Ink tablet that has been in the making for a while now is finally up for pre-sale via JD. The e-note is priced at 2699 Yuan which comes to around $390 USD as per current exchange rates. The JD page where the device is currently on pre-order mentions 4 gigs of memory and 64 GB of storage for the model listed.

The device comes with a 10.3-inch E Ink display which Lenovo is describing as a light-sensitive E Ink screen with better adaptability to ambient light. Plus, there is the option to adjust color temperature for optimized reading and writing experience. The e-note boasts of a thin and light build measuring just 5.5mm in thickness and is built as per the CNC integrated molding process. Battery life claimed is an astounding 10 weeks.

Overall, the basic design includes slim bezels on all three sides and a thicker ledger on the left, which also comes with a groove for hosting the digital pen. Lenovo said the thickish left stem allows for ease in holding the device and allows for both left-hand and right-handed users. The user interface also offers a lot of customization options. For instance, the menu bar can be removed to allow for displaying more content.

The UI also supports split-screen operation with one half operating independently of the other. As Lenovo stated, one use case scenario can be language translation with one-half of the display used to show the original content and the translated portion displayed on the other half. Plus, there are ways to customize the wallpaper, clock, calendar, notes, messages, and such. Also, with the more than 70 note-taking templates that the device comes with, it’s easy to get started with note-taking right away. Other convenient features include conference recording and note playback, or conversion of handwriting to text along with easy sharing options as well. All of this can make things a lot easier for office workers, students, teachers, and researchers alike.

Accompanying the e-note is the Lenovo Inspiration stylus that offers 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and includes nine pen types such as calligraphy pen, brush, pencil, fountain pen, etc that aids in professional-grade digital creation. A matte screen layer ensures the display does not serve as a fingerprint magnet and keeps the e-note fresh and clean even after prolonged usage. The matte screen layer also aids in writing by providing a non-slippery surface while also restoring the real damping of the nib. The pen is also extremely responsive having just 23ms latency, all of which, Lenovo said, offers a silky-smooth writing experience.

Another positive of the Lenovo Yoga Paper e-note is its support for multi-device synchronization. The e-note is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android thereby allowing sharing of documents and other content easily across devices.