Kalki Koechlin’s robust Yoga workout with baby Sappho is cutest fitness video | Health

Always the one to make workout look all fun and games, Bollywood actor-writer Kalki Koechlin dropped another fitness video with baby daughter Sappho and we are not getting over it anytime soon as we rope in some exercise motivation from it. From squats to push-ups, Vrikshasana, headstand and other Yoga poses, Kalki’s morning workout is closely monitored by her two-year-old baby girl Sappho and it’s the cutest fitness video on the Internet today.

Taking to her social media handle this Sunday, Kalki shared a time-lapse video which gave fans a detailed view of her robust exercise session. Donning a bralette top with a pair of shorts and hair pulled back into a high ponytail, Kalki was seen standing on a Yoga mat and performing Surya Namaskar or sun salutations along with other Yoga poses while nurturing and cuddling Sappo on her lap, in between.

She shared in the caption, “Swan yoga morning routine #yoganomatterwhat #wedowhatwecan #themotherload (sic).”


The passion for Yoga or the health trend was especially ignited during the Covid-19 lockdown and then there was no going back as people prioritised their immunity and fitness levels like never before. The potential adjunctive treatments of Covid-19, courtesy the healing benefits of Yoga and meditation, saw a plethora of fitness enthusiasts add the same to their workout routines as various studies on the anti-inflammatory effects associated with Yoga and meditation lured more people to enrol for the exercise sessions from the safe confines of their homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

From increasing body awareness to creating mental clarity and calmness, Yoga is backed with health benefits that even improve a person’s mental well-being. The adverse effects of Covid-19 lockdowns, packed with job insecurities and traumas of losing loved ones to coronavirus pandemic have affected our mental health which is why we need to turn to Yoga as it is therapeutic.

A Harvard research revealed that “Yoga brings mental benefits such as reduced anxiety and depression. What may be more surprising is that it actually makes your brain work better.” According to health experts, Yoga is a useful tool for men to remain flexible and healthy as they age. It removes toxins from the body to help men smell better, calms the mind and prevent injuries during workout apart from building more muscles, relieving stress and loosening joints to get more flexible.

As per a study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, Yoga appears to be an effective method of improving sexual functions in men in all domains – desire, intercourse satisfaction, performance, confidence, partner synchronization, erection, ejaculatory control, orgasm. From reducing anxiety and increasing body awareness to boosting arousal, Yoga provides the foundation of flexibility and strength that every man needs.

It is even recommended for brides and according to Advait Yogbhushan, Founder of Himalayan Yogi Institutes, Sacred Science Teacher, “A bride aims to look her best with clothing choices and makeup aesthetics. Preparing herself with Yogic practice will only enhance her appearance on the special day. Yoga has the ability to provide anyone with the finest conditions of body and mind.”

He added, “The stiffness and misalignment of Fascia causes problems like hip fat, double chin, lower abdomen fat and saggy chest. The correct yogic practices bring fascia in its natural state and releases collected tension in the body. The practice of these Yoga asanas will not only make you feel good, but make you look great by lifting up your body and spirit.”

Meditation, good sleeping routine and stretching helps one to focus and relax but when anxiety starts to creep in or during times of stress, many people turn to Yoga. It might seem contradictory but by exercising and putting physical stress on one’s body, mental tensions can be relieved. Same during fasting in Navratri week or in the month of Ramadan as Yoga enhances the body’s energy levels.