Jenna Ortega on a Decade of Acting, Skin Care, and What Role Made Her Break Out

In the last few years, Jenna Ortega has starred or been a scene-stealer in several top projects, like Netflix’s You. Whether you’ve been around since her days as a young Jane Villanueva on Jane the Virgin or Harley Diaz on Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle, or you’ve just caught on more recently, Jenna is making her presence in Hollywood known. 

Jenna is now starring in a slew of horror films like Scream 5, which includes an exorbitant amount of stage makeup and extended hours running away from evil. All that fake blood, sweat, and tears can lead to acne and breakouts constantly appearing and Jenna, who currently has several projects in the works, doesn’t want or need any extra guests on set. The longtime Neutrogena ambassador grew up watching her older sister lead the way when it came to self-care, and is now all about making sure her skin is all-natural when she’s not on set.

Below, we catch up with Jenna to talk about all things skin care, self-care, and all the latest projects she’s working on.

Teen Vogue: When did you first get involved in skin care, or actually start paying attention to your skin?

Jenna Ortega: I was 10 or 11 when I first started getting involved in skin care and spending more time in the mirror trying to take care of my skin. I had just started acting and I was doing headshot photoshoots or I was working on a commercial shoot and they would put foundation or concealer on me, which is kind of crazy to think about because I was so young. I grew up in a household with a lot of women and my mom always emphasized the importance of taking care of yourself.

My older sister loves to wear makeup, but she also knew that there should be a balance in terms of like, “okay, well if you’re gonna put all that on your face, you also need to make sure you can take it all off.” I think that I kind of did the big sister, little sister thing with her where I mimicked her movements and would steal her products. It became something that was always around in my childhood. I just kind of grew up assuming that doing your skin care, makeup, and self-care routines was just the way it’s supposed to be.

TV: I’m a huge Neutrogena girl, I love the Hydro Boost Serum. What are your favorite products from the brand?

JO: It kind of varies. Growing up, I mainly used the pink grapefruit acne face wash. Recently, I started using the stubborn texture face wash because it’s a good clean slate for me. I’ve been working on jobs recently that require a lot of blood and dirt and it’s nice because it’s an exfoliant, so I feel like it really gets in there and I can start my day refreshed and ready to go and kind of start over and focus on the new task at hand. And then I also started using the P.M. treatment at night just because it really soothes my skin. It doesn’t leave me with an oily face. I also make sure to incorporate sunscreen no matter what the weather is.

Neutrogena Stubborn Texture Daily Gel Cleanser

TV: What’s the best skin care advice you’ve ever received?