Janhvi Kapoor is ready to fly as she practices aerial yoga in throwback video | Health

Actor Janhvi Kapoor is a yoga enthusiast. When the star is not busy with shoots, she hits the gym to pack in a few minutes of workout in her routine. She mixes several exercise forms in her busy schedule, like Pilates, yoga and strength training, to stay fit and healthy. And recently, Janhvi’s trainer, Sarvesh Shashi, gave a glimpse of her practising a few intense yoga asanas and doing aerial yoga by dropping a throwback video on Instagram. It inspired us to roll out our yoga mats and will also pump you up to hit the gym.

On Friday, Sarvesh Shashi posted a throwback video of Janhvi practising yoga asanas and aerial yoga at the gym. He captioned the post, “Time to flyyyyyy,” and used hashtags like #yoga and #aerialyoga. Dressed in a navy sports bra and printed black shorts, Janhvi flaunted her toned physique and nailed the routine. Scroll ahead to check out her video. (Also Read: Loved Janhvi Kapoor’s It-Girl summer look in fitted blue crop top while holidaying in France? It is worth 6k)

The video began with Janhvi swinging on the aerial yoga harness at the gym. Then, the star did an aerial plank by supporting her legs on the same harness and leg workouts to stretch the lower body. In the end, Janhvi did the Urdhva Dhanurasana or Wheel Pose on a yoga wheel and also an aerial version of the pose.

Yoga Benefits:

Many celebrities champion yoga for achieving better health and lifestyle practices. And regular yoga truly does wonders for our body. It improves posture, increases flexibility, builds muscle strength, boosts metabolism, lowers blood sugar, reduces stress levels and inflammation around the body, and brings down high blood pressure. You can also lose excess weight and keep diseases at bay with yoga.

Aerial Yoga Benefits:

Aerial yoga delivers several physical and psychological benefits for the body. It improves flexibility, stability and balance, offers peace and relaxation, strengthens muscles, develops new body skills, and heals back pain problems.

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