INVEST Precision Medicine Pitch Perfect Health IT and Life Science tracks (video)

The INVEST Precision Medicine conference highlighted health IT and life science startups that are working to develop platforms and technologies to support targeted therapies and treatment. Video from the Health IT and Life Science tracks of our INVEST Pitch Perfect contests are now available to view.

Pitch Perfect Precision Medicine Part 1: Health IT

Presentations by health IT startups with an array of technologies that include:

  • A biomedical data platform
  • Personalized health approach to weight management
  • Identifying biomarkers in a person’s voice to detect disease
  • Developing microbiome-based solutions
  • AI for clinical decision support

The presenting companies include:

  • BioXPlor
  • Intellihealth
  • Vocalis Health
  • PhenoBiome
  • AIQ Soutions

The companies are assessed by three judges:

  • Andrea Jackson, Director, Northpond Ventures
  • Alyssa Jaffee, Partner, 7Wire Ventures
  • Taha Jangda, Partner, HealthX Ventures

Pitch Perfect Precision Medicine Part 2: Life Sciences

Presentations by precision medicine startups and growth stage companies across diagnostics, biopharma and medtech. Their technologies include:

  • Genotype-based opioid risk prediction
  • Early identification of risks and individualized interventions
  • Implantable brain stimulation to treat memory loss
  • Identify novel drug targets for chronic pain
  • Wireless drug delivery

The presenting companies include:

  • Prenome
  • Nia Therapeutics
  • Doloromics
  • SmartTab
  • OpalGenix

The judges are:

  • Adam Dakin, Managing Director, Dreamit Ventures
  • Yizhen Dong, Partner, Global Founders Capital
  • Ben Johnson, Managing Director, Head of Early Stage Life Science, Silicon Valley Bank