Introducing Brad Becca’s BB Athletics Platform

NEW YORK, June 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Keeping track of one’s fitness and maintaining an active lifestyle has become a challenging task in today’s day and age. With people having busy work schedules, health and fitness are often ignored. However, maintaining an active lifestyle and incorporating exercise into one’s daily routine can have wonderful effects on a person’s body and health. Brad Becca, a certified trainer & recovery specialist has recently launched his platform “BB Athletics”.

On his platform, Brad offers fitness & health services that help people transform their lives. His fitness programs will help maximize human movement in a progressive, enjoyable & challenging way. His recovery programs will help guide & educate you on how to optimize your sleep, nutrition, & hydration so that you can look, feel, & perform your best! Recovery is an important aspect that Brad emphasizes heavily!

There are numerous ways for individuals to join the BB Athletics team & train with Brad. Options can be found on his platform. Brad offers customized programs, digital programs, private in-person training, group training sessions, & his popular fitness app. Through the implementation of Brad’s programs, his clients have enhanced their quality of life while experiencing positive physiological, physical, mental, & performance benefits. Every workout is designed to improve general fitness & athletic capacity, condition the body, & build lean muscle mass! Brad believes that by developing the aforementioned one can lead a healthy life & experience movement longevity.

Brad Becca’s BB Athletics platform

Brad Becca’s platform offers numerous fitness training & health services for individuals who are looking to transform their lives with a professional coach. Whether it be through purchasing his digital programs, subscribing to his app, or training 1v1 – Brad invites you to begin your fitness & health journey with him & join the BB Athletics team.

Joining BB Athletics introduces members to training that is progressive, fun, challenging, & customizable. Apart from fitness programs and coaching, the BB Athletics platform will soon be launching fitness apparel, fitness equipment, a blog, & supplements to assist people with their healthy lifestyle changes.

Brad Becca’s Programs & Training

Brad Becca’s programs are designed for people who are looking to take their fitness & health to the next level. Using his unique style of training, Brad makes exercising fun, challenging, & effective for all fitness levels. Brad recently released a digital 4-week program called Bodyweight Athlete, that is specifically designed for individuals of all fitness levels who are looking to become an athlete with bodyweight training. Along with his passion for fitness, Brad is also equally as passionate about health & recovery. He emphasizes the importance of recovery & focuses on helping his clients develop healthy habits both inside and outside of the gym. Because of his passion for health, available on Brad’s platform is a digital Recovery Guide – which is a comprehensive guide to help maximize health & performance.

Currently, Brad has two digital programs available for purchase on his platform, but plans on releasing more soon.

BB Athletics Training App

One of the most popular ways people from all over the world train with Brad is through his BB Athletics Training App. Inside of the app, subscribers have exclusive access to daily content!

The BB Athletics App Includes

  • Bodyweight Athlete (4 Week Program)
  • Workouts by category (Upper, Lower, Full Body, Speed & Agility)
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Along with access to a vast range of incredible information, subscribers also get an all-access pass to premium features such as:

  • Ask Brad Becca questions in the app
  • Easy-to-Follow videos
  • Download workouts for offline use
  • Stream workouts to a TV
  • Track your Progress
  • Collect health data

Why Should One Train with Brad Becca & join the BB Athletics team?

Choosing to join the BB Athletics team will kick-start your journey towards becoming a better version of yourself! You’ll be motivated daily, supported throughout your journey, & excited to work out with Brad as your coach. Brad will help you achieve levels of health & fitness that you never thought was possible. All of his workouts are convenient & can be done at home or in the gym, giving people the flexibility to work on their health & fitness from anywhere they desire. Brad believes that exercising regularly along with implementing healthy lifestyle habits can have a tremendous impact on a person’s health & longevity – which is why he is so passionate about what he does.


Brad Becca is dedicated to helping people lead active and healthier lifestyles while improving their overall fitness and health. The BB Athletics team is a community of people who share a strong passion for fitness and aim to achieve their true potential. Overall, Brad’s platform offers everything that a person needs to improve their health, overall fitness, and athletic performance. Join the BB Athletics team today!

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