Healthiest cities in America

Health is certainly on the minds of many Americans this time of year.

With the start of each year comes the commitment from many of us to move more, eat less, and generally embrace a healthier lifestyle. But while it’s one thing to adopt a healthy mindset, it’s another to actually stick to it.

Where you live plays an important role in reaching and maintaining your health goals. The route to healthy living involves many factors, including access to the outdoors, a sustainable work-life balance, mild weather conditions, and access to education.

Dozens of American cities offer the opportunity for health-conscious New Year’s resolutions. Personal practice requires a lot of discipline, but staying motivated is not difficult when your friends, family, and neighbors are right there with you.

Stacker determined the most health-conscious cities by analyzing Niche’s 2022 Healthiest Places to Live rankings, which account for smoking, regular alcohol consumption, access to gyms, physicians, and mental health professionals, and obesity rates to rank overall health. Each city’s position in the rankings is directly from Niche; there are no ties.

Keep reading to see if your hometown made the cut.

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