Emirates Wants To Enable Personal Growth Through IFE

Emirates’ ice is heralded as one of the most comprehensive inflight entertainment (IFE) offerings in the world. However, it’s not just movies and TV shows that passengers can enjoy when using the system. Recently, the Dubai-based carrier partnered with Mindvalley to provide robust self-betterment courses.

Emirates Airbus A380-861 A6-EEU (2)
Passengers can continue to develop themselves while flying with Mindvalley’s courses. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

A diverse range

Mindvalley has been in the educational technology field for over a decade and a half. It has released numerous learning tools and platforms that have helped millions experience personal growth. Amid the partnership with Emirates, Simple Flying caught up with Mindvalley’s founder, Vishen Lakhiani, to learn more about the company’s advanced learning technology called Quest.

The tech features science-based learning theories from the world’s top instructors brought to life through storytelling. Lakhiani explains that with the unique Quest methodology, Mindvalley’s programs combine community and daily microlearning and are designed to be as addictive and fun as computer games, yielding 500% better completion rates than traditional online webinars.

Now, when boarding an Emirates widebody, each passenger will have access to Mindvalley’s courses through ice. The Quests currently included inflight are:

  • Conscious Parenting by Dr. Shefali Tsabary
  • Super Brain and 5 Steps to Powerful Memory by Jim Kwik
  • Speak & Inspire by Lisa Nichols
  • 7 Days to Breaking Up with Sugar by Eric Edmeades
  • 5 Steps to Discover your Life Purpose by Michael Beckwith
  • 6 Phase Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani
  • Becoming Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani

Notably, the last two Quests are by Lakhiani himself. The entrepreneur is a published author, writing two popular books – The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha and the Badass. He adds that the Emirates flights will offer two additional courses – Money EQ by Ken Honda and Everyday Bliss by Paul McKenna, Ph.D.

Life doesn’t have to be on pause in the air. Photo: Mindvalley

Easy to digest

Altogether, Quests range anywhere from two to eight hours long, perfect for lengthy international flights. Typically, they are broken down into digestible 10-to-20-minute sections and take anywhere from seven to 30 days to complete. However, the company is able to adapt its Quests so that instead of learning 15 minutes a day, passengers get 15-minute chunks of knowledge that come together and make up a complete flight Quest.

Lakhiani highlights that with these specialized Quests, passengers can finish a course that would usually take a month within a few short hours. There is a little of something for everyone with the courses. Whether travelers are hoping to hack their brain or break up with sugar, there’s a Quest for them.

Adapting with the public

Notably, the world has gone through a huge shock amid the pandemic. The global health crisis has absolutely rocked society, shifting behavior and habits around the world.

An industry that has felt some of the worst conditions of the crisis is aviation. With passengers slowly returning to the skies after a year and a half of the downturn, many people may be feeling anxious about their travels. Thus, inflight courses such as these could do wonders to calm the nerves when in the air.

Lakhiani shares that Mindvalley understands that travel anxiety will be at an all-time high following the pandemic. So, the firm hopes to provide some relief in-flight with its 6 Phase Meditation Quest. This Quest is a little over two and a half hours long and provides a foundation for meditation that can be helpful not only on the flight but also throughout a passenger’s wider travels.

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Overall, Mindvalley has always been very community-based, making the global shutdown particularly difficult for the company. Nonetheless, the momentum to connect didn’t stop amid the challenges. The group’s community continued to reach out to each other remotely and create relationships globally that would not have otherwise been possible.

Emirates ICE
Emirates is looking to offer more than just entertainment. Photo: Emirates

Continuing to evolve

The company adds that the unexpected bright side to this pandemic has been the international web of personal growth seekers that its community created. Lakhiani concludes that Mindvalley has been fortunate enough to see growth throughout the pandemic and hopes that as the world starts to safely reopen, it can meet with its community members in person once again.

“Since 2016, Mindvalley has grown by 500%, and we expect to continue this rapid growth throughout 2021. Mindvalley’s goal is to impact as many people globally as we can. We have impacted over 15 million growth seekers thus far and aim to continue to share our learnings worldwide. Our focus this decade is to reinvent the way that the education system is viewed. Our education system was built for the industrial age and has critically failed at adapting to modern times, neglecting the importance of mindset and the life-changing benefits of personal growth,” Lakhiani shared.

“College enrollment continues to decline, and students already fear looming debt before even applying to school; meanwhile, mental and physical health continue to be top of mind for millennials who are spending twice as much on self-improvement as their predecessors.

“Mindvalley’s yearly membership—which costs as little as $2 per day—delivers courses from the world’s top teachers, authors, and experts, providing a new kind of education that will upgrade life. As the world gets noisier and life more challenging, Mindvalley’s expanding library of courses and instructors will continue to place more importance on mindset over skillset.”

Mindvalley members can access classes and programs from 200 names in personal growth and wellness on any of their devices. Photo: Mindvalley

The right connection

Since Mindvalley’s founding in 2003, it has had a goal of reinventing an outdated education system so that learning is relevant, engaging, and affordable in today’s age of automation. As a leading personal growth brand, it seeks to fill the learning gap with courses that link people all over the world through educational experiences. This mission combines well with Emirates’ mission to connect passengers across the globe.

What are your thoughts about Mindvalley’s partnership with Emirates to provide personal betterment inflight entertainment? Do you feel that something like this is valuable for passengers on board aircraft? Let us know what you think of the program and its prospects in the comment section.