Dr. Shereene Idriss Is Launching a Skin-Care Line Inspired by Her #PillowtalkDerm Series

Social media’s favorite dermatologist introduces three new brightening products.

The internet has long been a source of misinformation, and particularly so when it comes to the subject of skincare. After noticing patients coming to her with confusion that at times proved harmful, New York City-based dermatologist Dr. Shereene Idriss launched her cult-followed #PillowtalkDerm series on social media to help spread skin truth and make quality advice more accessible. Four years after introducing that viral series — with plenty of collaborations and partnerships under her belt — she’s officially entering the skin-care business with her very own line, (of course) called PillowtalkDerm Skincare.

Based on personal experiences with melasma, Dr. Idriss chose to focus her debut line on brightening, pigment-fading formulas dubbed the “Major Fade collection.” It spans three products: Major Fade Flash Mask ($48), an acid-based resurfacing mask that treats hyperpigmentation by exfoliating with ingredients like and glycolic acid, lactic acid, tranexamic acid; Major Fade Hyper Serum ($68), a hydrating serum formulated with brightening alpha arbutin, kojic acid and niacinamide; and Major Fade Active Seal ($58), which creates a protective barrier to prevent future hyperpigmentation and lock in brightening actives like a vitamin C.

<p>Photo: Courtesy of PillowtalkDerm</p>

Photo: Courtesy of PillowtalkDerm

“I’ve always said that you can have all the lines and wrinkles in the world, but if your skin tone is bright and even, your other skin issues are less noticeable. Yet few of the brightening products out there can treat stubborn discoloration, especially melasma,” said Dr. Idriss in a press release announcing the brand. “I see it on tons of patients and have experienced it myself during pregnancy.”

PillowtalkDerm Skincare launches on Tuesday, Sept. 27, when it will be available exclusively online at PillowtalkDerm.com. An undisclosed portion of proceeds from the brand will go to STEM for HER, a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. that supports girls and young women interested in STEM-related careers.

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