Diabetes Diet: Expert Suggests Healthy Snacks Alternatives To Manage Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is a major cause of concern all over the globe as more and more people are dealing with elevated blood sugar levels in today’s time. While it is difficult to cure the condition, it’s not as difficult to manage it and live a normal life. Our diet plays an important role in regulating blood sugar levels. It’s true that diabetics have to follow a restricted diet but it doesn’t have to be necessarily boring. A few tweaks and twists can help one enjoy their food without having to worry about their sugar level. If you find it difficult to find options for your meals, especially when it comes to snacking, we have brought some expert tips that will make it easier for you to follow a healthy diet.

Nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary, with a post on her Instagram page, suggested some helpful tips to plan your snacks menu. She shared some healthy alternatives to common snacking foods that you can easily apply with easily-available ingredients at home.

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Here’re 6 Healthy Snacking Alternatives For Diabetes Diet:

Nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary suggested the following food swaps for a healthy diabetes diet.

1. Instead of regular poha, switch to green moong dal chilla, which is rich in protein and fibre, and is also super easy to make. Here is a recipe of moong dal chilla that you can try.
2. If you want to avoid too much carbs, swap regular atta roti with jowar roti, which has a low glycemic index. Rashi Chowdhary also warned against ragi flour, which has a relatively high GI. Here is a jowar roti recipe that you can try.

3. Instead of cereals or granola, you can opt for eggs or varieties of grain-free granola, available in markets.

4. Fruits are naturally sweet, and some fruits are more sugar-rich than others. Swap sugary fruits like banana with nuts.

5. Make sure to avoid artificial sweeteners, and if you must add some sweetness to your meals, go for natural sweeteners like monk fruit. But remember to have it in moderation.

Healthy eating habits can help you greatly in managing health issues like diabetes. So choose your foods wisely.

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