Diabetes Diet: 5 Summer Drinks That Will Keep You Cool In The Heat

The summer season calls for having all things cold and delicious. You could enjoy any kind of aerated drinks, some coolers, juices and whatnot. However, these drinks are not always suitable for everyone, especially diabetic patients. Those who have diabetes are always told to have a low GI diet to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar levels. So, it goes without saying that any kind of sugary drink is not suitable. But if you are still in search of certain drinks that can help to beat the heat, fret not. We have just what you need. Today, we bring you a list of some desi summer drinks recipes that will keep you cool and may help manage diabetes too. Before adding any of these ingredients to your diet, kindly consult a medical professional.


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Here Are 5 Summer Drinks For Diabetics

1. Barley Water

Barley, often known as jau, is high in insoluble fibre, making it a healthy choice for diabetics. It is beneficial to diabetics since it helps to maintain blood glucose levels. To get the best benefits, make sure you drink unsweetened barley water.

2. Coconut Water

Coconut water is 94% water and has a very low-calorie content. Potassium, vitamin B, electrolytes, amino acids, enzymes, and numerous plant hormones are found in coconut water.

3. Lemon And Ginger Drink

Ginger aids the management of long-term blood sugar control and may minimise the detrimental effects of diabetes on the eyes. Add lemon to water with grated or shredded ginger.

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4. Sattu Cooler

Coming from East India, Sattu is a blend of chickpea flour as the main ingredient. Sattu Sharbat is made from sattu, water, lemon juice, roasted cumin powder, mint leaves, and black salt. It is extremely hydrating and high in protein.

5. Karela Drink

Karela, or bitter gourd, is another summertime favourite that contains an insulin-like chemical called Polypeptide-p or p-insulin, which helps to naturally battle the symptoms of diabetes. Since karela juice is bitter, you can mix it with some apples.

Make these delicious recipes, and let us know which one was your favourite!