Columbus-area pharmacies suffering amoxicillin shortage

Along with medication, Jarrett Bauder has spent several weeks dispensing bad news to some of his patients — the cure they need might not be available.

Bauder, a pharmacist at the independent Uptown Pharmacy in Westerville, is dealing with a shortage of amoxicillin, a frequently prescribed antibiotic.

The shortage was first reported to the Food and Drug Administration on Oct. 28, which Bauder said lines up with his difficulty trying to stock amoxicillin. Since then, the pharmacy has only intermittently been able to order more of the drug, he said.

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In the meantime, Bauder has been left scrambling to get alternative prescription medication for patients. While the shortage has made more work for Bauder and other pharmacists, he said it’s more frustrating for patients, who just want to feel better.