Buti Yoga: What It Is, Benefits & How It Helps You Tap Into Your Feminine Energy

There are plenty of fitness routines out there that help people get into great shape, and improve their physical and mental state. But a popular type of yoga called Buti yoga is helping people get in touch with their feminine energy, plus letting people reap the numerous benefits of this practice.

But contrary to what the name “Buti Yoga” sounds like, it’s not actually a brand of yoga solely focused on one’s backside.

What is Buti yoga?

This form of yoga blends primal-based movements, tribal dance, deep core conditioning, and dynamic yoga “asana,” which means to be seated in a firm but relaxed position.

Simply put, Buti yoga is a more relaxed, free-form way of moving from one position to the next, combined with loud music and lots of sweat.

Buti (pronounced “booty”) yoga was created by celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold back in 2010. This workout is cardio intense and combines traditional yoga with tribal dance moves. The goal of this type of workout is to not only strengthen your muscles, but to raise your resting metabolic rate.

One aspect of the Buti Yoga program, from Bizzie Gold, is something called the Spiral Structure Technique, a term trademarked by the company itself. This refers to the release and toning of the body while activating “shakti” — or the divine feminine energy — as it pertains to physicality, emotion, and energy.

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