Build muscle, strengthen your core, and relax your mind with just 25-minutes of yoga

Most people won’t think to step onto a yoga mat when they want to develop strength and muscle. People like to pick up weights and rely on resistance training for this. However, yoga requires you to repeat holding various poses for an extended period of time, which is a great way to improve muscle strength. Plus, yoga is a great way to free the mind of things that may be bothering or worrying you.

Another reason why yoga is such a great form of exercise is that it requires minimal equipment. All you need is one of the best yoga mats to move on, this is what will protect your joints from impact while working on a hard surface and it will enhance your grip while holding poses. Some people add blocks or some of the best resistance bands to their yoga sessions but, for this workout, this isn’t necessary.

Certified yoga and Pilates instructor Nicole Mcpherson (opens in new tab) will lead you through the 25-minute routine in full. Just like it’s crucial to perform weight lifting exercises correctly such as how to deadlift properly, this is just as important in yoga practice. Following Mcpherson’s demonstrations and audio guidance for each pose, you will pick up how to move from each move with flow and will be reminded to focus on your breathing. 

Not only will your breathwork help with the exercises but it will also help to calm your mind as yoga for anxiety can be an effective solution for those who worry a lot.

Watch Move with Nicole’s 25-minute yoga routine