‘Always ready to try something new’: Suhana Khan’s yoga trainer is all praise for her

Yoga is a way of life for many people. And why not, the ancient mental and spiritual practise helps one better their posture, improve focus and concentration, and also manage many health and lifestyle woes. However, to reap the benefits one must be regular with their practice. And looks like Suhana Khan has is all for it, as was visible in her yoga trainer Rupal Sidhpura Faria’s recent Instagram post.

Suhana, who is all set to make her debut with The Archies, can be seen acing kakasana or the crow pose “just in a few classes together”.

“Here is the darling @suhanakhan2 doing the kakasana pose just in a few classes together! The champ she is shows on the mat! The sweet, chirpy and uber cool! Ever so helpful and always ready to try something new! She’s one hell of an explorer. You have a long way to go! You’re going to shine and succeed in leaps and bounds,” Rupal captioned the post.

Take a look.

Benefits of the pose

For the unversed, kakasana helps strengthen the upper body especially the arms, forearms, and wrists. It also helps better full body movements, along with strengthening the back and groin.


*Stand with your feet hip-width apart.
*Bend the knees forward and place your hands on the floor directly beneath the shoulders. Spread your fingers.
*Slowly put the weight onto the hands and lift the hips and core as you bend forward.
*Squeeze the legs and push the arms into them.
*Active your core and squeeze the hips together.

To come out of the pose

*Bend the elbows and lower the toes to the floor. Sit back in a squat, and release.
*Rotate the wrists if you feel any tension in them.


Experts say the pose should only be attempted by advanced yoga practitioners as it requires immense core strength and focus. People suffering from hip injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any wrist issue should avoid it. It is best to seek expert guidance.

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