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Key Features:

  • A 14 day free trial, followed by monthly payments of $20 or a one-off annual payment of $199
  • Access to 2,500+ workouts from 60+ instructors
  • Offline downloads available to enable you to work out anywhere in the world
  • Videos can be streamed on your PC, smartphone or tablet and can be cast onto a smart TV using screen mirroring
  • You can stream from more than one device at once

Forget expensive workout gear, or struggling to slot exercise into your lunch break, the Alo Moves app has thousands of workouts to fit into any schedule, wherever you are in the world, with next to no equipment needed. Sunrise meditation on the beach followed by an evening fitness class in a national park? Sign us up.

A whole universe of workout videos, tutorials and sports clothing at your fingertips, Alo Moves has evolved from a clothing brand into an extensive database of home workouts, available online or through their application. With a repertoire of over 2,500 classes, ranging from yoga to HIIT and from barre to pilates, all at your fingertips, there’s a workout for every schedule.

ALO stands for air, land and ocean, and while at its core much of the focus is on meditation and mindfulness, filters help you select the style and intensity that you prefer. It’s easy to set your intentions, be it typical goals such as toning up or wellness intentions, like improving sleep. Find out if this is the perfect fit for your fitness routine in our review.

What Is Alo Moves?


Regularly sported by the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, The Alo Moves app and website is a one-stop resource for workout videos, sports clothes and beauty products, with a heavy emphasis on yoga, meditation and wellness. It’s designed to be used on the go, with all classes available for offline download, and little to no equipment required. Most of the classes only need a yoga mat, and occasionally resistance bands or light dumbbells. All of these can be bought from the Alo Moves online shop, and are available as a bundle as well as individually.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2007, Alo Moves started as a yoga clothing brand. Now a lifestyle platform rather than just a clothing site, their videos are taught by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Jacy Cunningham, creator of The Jacy Method and TV personality and bestselling author Harley Pasternak. Their clothing is always 100 percent sweatshop free and designed as durable pieces to be worn all day, not just in the studio.

As it started as a yoga platform, many mistakenly assume that yoga classes are all that is available via Alo Moves, but the breadth of content available is staggering, and users can find themselves switching between minute-long tutorials on how to do a handstand and full body HIIT classes that elevate the heart rate in no time.

There are no live classes, which might be missed by some users who enjoy the community spirit and motivation that comes from joining a live workout online. 

Nonetheless, the website and app are simple to use, with workouts and workout series easy to select, order and save for offline use.

Signing Up and Getting Started

A 14 day free trial gives access to over 2,500 workout videos, with new videos added each week. After this, billing is $20 per month or $199 per year. Users can take a quiz to tailor the workouts to their requirements. The initial quiz asks users to select their level (beginner/moderate/intermediate/advanced), their intentions (which range from physical goals such as getting fit and increasing flexibility to improving sleep and reducing stress) and the intensity level they’d like in their workouts. The survey can be completed straight away upon sign-up, or skipped and filled out later after testing out some of the workout videos. Videos range in duration from just a couple of minutes to hour long workouts, with a few even lasting well over an hour.

Alo Moves can be used on a desktop or via the Alo Moves App, downloadable from the Apple Store or via Google Play, and can then be cast or screen mirrored onto a smart TV. If you’re working out with a friend, you can also ditch your earbuds and have two different videos set up, playing simultaneously through your smartphone and desktop. Equipment can also be purchased through the online store, available on the Alo Moves website, with gift card options available. On the app, series, classes and even playlists can be saved and downloaded for offline use, and it’s easy to follow other users who have similar goals and intentions to you.

The community space works like a social media platform, and allows users to post and share the workouts that they’ve completed, along with photos if preferred. Other users and friends are able to engage, like, comment and share support. The application will also recommend other users with compatible workout styles.

Working Out With the Alo Moves App

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If you’ve never worked out at home before, the Alo Moves App has hundreds of beginner videos, with easy-to-use tutorials that guide you through each movement, from Vinyasa Flow to targeted abdominal exercises. The recommended equipment bundle includes a yoga mat, exercise loops and some lightweight dumbbells (typically between two to 10 pounds).

Most of the workouts are very space-efficient and can be done on a small patch of floor in your living room or bedroom. Thumbnail screenshots give additional information on the style of workout to expect. Shorter videos lasting only a few minutes are easily incorporated into busy lifestyles and even coffee breaks.The length of the video can be made visible throughout the duration in the bottom right corner to easily plan your time, or to pace yourself as you work out.

A particularly novel aspect of the Alo Moves App is the variety of locations available in their workout videos. The ‘Alo in the Wild’ series inspires wanderlust as much as it does fitness motivation, with videos filmed in backdrops which range from Tahoe to Turkey.

There’s no limit to the number of offline downloads that can be stored, but be aware that for Android users in particular, the application can sometimes be glitchy, with users often experiencing problems with streaming their workouts without WiFi or Ethernet. From reviews on the Apple store, Apple users tend to encounter fewer glitches.

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Who Alo Moves is Best For

Not just for yogis, Alo Moves works very well with anyone interested in getting fit or maintaining fitness who struggles to find time in their day to go to the gym. Users can easily order classes by duration (under 15 minutes, 15–30 minutes, 30–60 minutes or 60+ minutes) to slot into whatever window that they have available.

For users who like to regularly change up their exercise routine, there’s plenty of scope on offer. If you’re bored with doing the same spin class at your local gym day in, day out, Alo Moves can help you to test different workout styles, before funneling the styles that suit you best. You’d also be hard pressed to find a real-life gym that offers quite literally thousands of different classes to choose from.

The added time involved to travel to a gym can be demotivating for many people, says Celeb Trainer & Performance Coach Chris Wharton, founder of Palm Rock Retreats.

“With so many work, family and social commitments the number one excuse we tend to give ourselves for not working out is that there aren’t enough hours in the day,” says Wharton. “By working out from home you not only cut out all travel time, but all of the potential distractions that come with visiting a gym or class studio.”

In short, if you’re time poor, or struggle to motivate yourself to leave the house when the weather is bad, a workout application like Alo Moves can be the perfect solution. And with the ever-increasing cost of living, the price tag of a workout application generally works out much cheaper than that of an on-site gym membership.

Who Alo Moves is Not Best For

Some people struggle with working out from home and miss the buzz, accountability and team spirit that come from working out as a group in a gym or sports hall. The Alo Moves App doesn’t have any live classes, so even users that enjoy working out at home may miss the added engagement and community vibe participating from a class which is live-streamed.

“The majority of people work far harder when in a group than on their own and as such get a better return on their investment in terms of results,” says Wharton.

While it’s not the case across the board, for some users, working out in their living room as opposed to a gym may mean that they don’t push themselves as hard.

How Alo Moves Stacks Up Against Competitors

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Alo Moves vs Peloton

Alo Moves is known for yoga, but Peloton is known for bike workouts. Peloton’s app and website, however, offer a variety of workouts, including rowing, running, and abdominal workouts. Peloton comes at a lower price tag, at $12.99 a month rather than the $20/month cost for Alo Moves, but none of Peloton’s workouts can be downloaded offline. They do, however, stream live classes, so it depends if your priority is to experience the community feel of a live class (in which case Peloton is a better bet) or whether you want the flexibility to workout anywhere, any time (then Alo Moves is for you).

Peloton also often uses significantly more equipment, so while the monthly cost is lower, users can often find themselves investing in more costly gear to accompany their workouts. Many of their exercise videos are more cardio-centered, while Alo Moves has a lot more strength videos.

In terms of user reviews, the two compare very favorably, with both scoring 4.9/5 stars on Apple and Peloton scoring marginally higher with Android users, receiving 4.3/5 stars compared to Alo Moves’ 4.2/5 stars.

Alo Moves vs Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is an exceptionally good value home workout platform, with a year subscription costing just $58.99, compared to $199 for Alo Moves, but users may find the scope of workout videos more limiting through Asana Rebel. Like Alo Moves, much of their focus is on yoga, but there are fewer workout videos for other exercise styles, like barre and HIIT.

There’s a strong emphasis on nutrition with Asana Rebel, and alongside workout videos, the platform has lots of recipes (smoothies, salads, ideas filtered by prerequisites such as high-protein or anti-inflammatory). It’s a great choice for users looking to overhaul their diet as well as their exercise regime.

Apple users don’t rate the Asana Rebel app as highly as Alo Moves (giving it 4.7/5 stars), but Android users prefer it, scoring it at 4.6/5 stars.

Alo Moves vs Glo

Like Alo Moves, Glo’s primary offering is yoga, meditation and pilates, at a monthly cost of $24, which is four dollars per month higher than Alo Moves (although paying for an annual subscription reduces the monthly cost to $20.42). Glo includes both live-streamed classes and offline classes.

For users that practice predominantly yoga and pilates, particularly at an advanced level, the mix of live-streamed classes and offline classes, and the selection of advanced classes, might make Glo a more suitable option, but if you’re a user that regularly intersperses yoga classes with barre or HIIT, Alo Moves has more scope. Glo also scores 4.9/5 stars on Apple, and gets a slightly higher user review than Alo Moves from Android users, who rate it at 4.5/5 stars.

Alo Moves Customer Reviews

From over 18,000 reviews on the Apple Store, experiences of Alo Moves are overwhelmingly positive. Users cite using the app to help heal recurring injuries, as a substitute to carry on with their favorite classes following local gym closures, and as a challenging, stimulating way to develop in different fitness styles, particularly in yoga. Critics felt that it would be more user-friendly if saved exercises could be sorted into folders by type, but overall awarded it 4.9/5 stars.

Android users were marginally less positive, giving the Alo Moves app 4.2/5 stars on the Google Play app. Many of the negative comments came from issues with glitches which affected streaming workout videos, particularly offline, but in terms of content, the app generally impressed Android users.

Is Alo Moves Worth It?

There is no doubt that Alo Moves subscriptions offer excellent value for money. Alo Moves costs less than half of what the average gym membership costs, and offers over 60 highly qualified instructors and much more. It’s also refreshing that so little equipment is needed to achieve results, so after a one-off annual payment or monthly fee, there are no hidden costs creeping in.

Using any home workout platform rather than an in-person gym is a question of both personal preference and style, and some may like to use both in conjunction. This is particularly effective to maintain a regular exercise routine during busy periods at work or when traveling.

Professional trainers also laud the benefits of choosing a home workout app that offers a variety of classes and styles.

“I’d always suggest looking for one that offers a variety of exercise types/classes. Having a wider selection of classes to choose from can help keep you engaged as well as improving multiple facets of your fitness,” says Wharton. “A program that includes strength training, HIIT, cardio and mobility workouts is going to give you lots more bang for your buck than just cycling on a bike in your garage every day.”

Used in combination with regular cardio (e.g. cycling, running or walking), Alo Moves can supply a very balanced, diverse workout routine. There’s also a walking series available through the app to guide users through 20–45 minute mindful walks to help users to incorporate cardio into their fitness schedule.


Do you need equipment for Alo Moves?

All that is required for the majority of Alo Moves videos is an exercise mat, resistance bands and some lightweight dumbbells. Many workouts only use an exercise mat.

Can I get Alo Moves on my smart tv?

Yes. Although Alo Moves hasn’t been specifically designed for smart tvs, if your smart tv is connected to your home WiFi you’ll be able to use screen mirroring to play workout videos through this.

Does Alo Moves have music?

Yes, each workout video has a carefully curated playlist. If you prefer to work out without music, or to play your own music from a separate platform, a toggle button easily switches off the pre chosen music.

Is Alo Moves only yoga?

Absolutely not! Alo Moves offers a vast selection of classes, even for those who don’t like yoga. It may have started as predominantly yoga classes, and there are still hundreds of yoga classes to choose from, but Alo Moves’ ever-expanding selection now includes plenty of sculpting, barre and HIIT classes, and even breathwork and reiki.

Does Alo Moves have free classes?

To access any Alo Moves classes you’ll need a subscription, but to test out what they offer commitment-free, download their 14 day free trial to see if it works for you.

Is Alo Moves good for beginners?

Clear instructions and hundreds of beginner videos make Alo Moves an excellent choice for beginners trying to start working out from home. Video guides and plenty of short duration and low-intensity classes mean that Alo Moves isn’t intimidating either.

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